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Watercraft Insurance in New Hampshire

Before you take to the high seas or row out on an open lake In New Hampshire with your favorite boat or watercraft, you need to make sure you have adequate coverage. A basic homeowner's insurance policy may provide a flat amount of coverage for your boat, but the dollar amount is often low, and coverage is limited to specific situations. To fully protect your boat and riders, invest in a watercraft policy. At Associated American Insurance, we can explain your options and help you find the insurance you need.

Homeowner's cover versus a watercraft policy

According to the New Hampshire Department of Insurance, most homeowner's policies provide a relatively low dollar amount to cover small boats — around $1,500. Unless you are fishing in a stream in a very basic craft, the payment would barely cover a down payment on a new boat. A homeowner's policy is also limited in what it will pay for in terms of damage. Many watercraft policies also feature specific exclusions, making discussing a boat specific policy with your Bedford, NH insurance agent a must. An agent will help you navigate both the standard market and individual policies for watercraft with a higher price tag or high-risk situations.

Ask about additional coverage

If you host large parties on a pleasure craft or take your entire family out on jet skis or water skis, you may need additional coverage to help protect your assets. Make sure your homeowner's policy and watercraft policy provide adequate liability protection for all the watercraft your family owns and enjoys. When the limits concern you, ask an Associated American Insurance representative about other opportunities to add more protection, such as an umbrella policy.

Navigating the waters of boat insurance can be difficult, so call or stop by our offices in Bedford, NH today to learn more about your coverage options and obtain a quote from an experienced agent.

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