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New Hampshire Umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in New Hampshire

Finding an Umbrella Policy that Meets your Needs

Many homeowners in New Hampshire have decided to supplement their home insurance coverage by adding a layer of umbrella insurance to their coverage. Sometimes, specific events and accidents may cause homeowners to pay for liability beyond the coverage in their standard policy. If a New Hampshire resident is not covered with this supplemental coverage, they may be forced to sell assets for compensation to be used in a settlement.

Cover Your Assets

Sometimes tragedy and unfortunate events can come in multiple attempts, forcing your insurance policy to deplete its annual coverage amounts. In this case, you should have an umbrella insurance policy that will cover the total costs of your assets and will prevent you from having to sell them.

  • Mortgage
  • Cars/Vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Savings accounts

Above are just a few of the assets that you should consider when constructing your umbrella policy. If you own multiples of these assets, ensure that their total value is included and covered. Essentially, Bedford, NH residents should ensure that their entire net worth is covered in this policy.

Where to Apply for Supplemental Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance can be applied to the following standard insurance policies.

  • Home Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance

If you plan to carry umbrella insurance on one of these policies, you should extend that coverage to all that may apply to you, as well. Umbrella coverage for your home will not cover the auto or commercial standard policies. It is only applied to the insurance policies in which you add it. An excellent course of action to consider is that if you plan to add it on one policy, you should add it to all that apply for maximized protection.

Get Your Coverage Today

If you are a resident in or around the Bedford, NH area, contact an agent at Associated American Insurance today to supplement your current policy(ies) with umbrella insurance.

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