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New Hampshire Homeowners with home insurance coverage

Home Insurance in New Hampshire

Whether you are a first-time homeowner settling in Bedford, NH or an established New Hampshire resident moving into a new home, you need to make sure your property and assets are adequately protected should the unexpected happen. At Associated American Insurance, our experienced agents can help you locate the coverage you need. We also can explain the nuances of a policy, so you understand the type of coverage you are purchasing and any policy limitations.

Navigating New Hampshire home insurance policies

New Hampshire home insurance policies do not include flood coverage by default. It is one of many extras you need to consider when opting for a plan. For example, homeowner's policies typically provide living cost coverage should you need to leave your home for necessary repairs after a disaster or due to a government order. The type of policy you have will determine the total amount of funds you can spend — or the policy will cover only a specific number of weeks or months.

Homeowner's insurance policy types

Another primary consideration for the homeowner is the type of coverage required. An actual cash value policy provides funds for the replacement of your home but lessens the dollar amount provided by the depreciation of the property. Replacement cost coverage is a second option, and it replaces your home's construction materials and furnishings with in-kind items. An Associated American Insurance agent can help you review the cost of each policy type and the limits of each policy offered. For the family with significant assets, the addition of an umbrella policy can also provide increased protection in the event of massive losses or potential lawsuits.

When you need help discerning the basics of a homeowner's policy, stop by our offices in Bedford, NH to obtain specific information. You can also visit our website for a free quote for home and auto insurance coverage.

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