Who should have umbrella insurance

A lot of myths about umbrella insurance are out there. You may not know precisely what it is and why it is something you should consider. One myth is only the wealthy need to have umbrella insurance and nothing could be farther from the truth. The reality is if you own anything, you are vulnerable to being sued. At Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH we represent you, not an insurance company. As independent agents, we can offer you choices when it some to carriers and policies. 

Umbrella insurance is a type of excess liability insurance. It is a policy that adds an additional layer of liability protection to a policy you already have. You can’t just purchase an umbrella policy unless you already have a policy with liability coverage. If you are involved in legal action against you, and you lose, your umbrella insurance coverage will kick in when the limit of your policy has been reached. This can be a home policy, a commercial policy, renters, condo, motorcycle, or boat policy. Any insurance that has liability coverage can benefit from the additional layer. 

You may not think you have much to protect and the liability coverage you have is adequate. If you haven’t check what your liability coverage is in a while, it is time to look at it. You might also want to check what the average judgment is where you live. It may come s a shock. 

When it comes to umbrella insurance, it is misunderstood by many. Don’t be one of them. At Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH, we can sit down with you and discuss if you would benefit from having umbrella insurance. Our team is experienced in this and a variety of coverages you may have questions about. Give us a call or stop by our office.