Pros and Cons of Commuting to College

More and more students are choosing to attend college near home to commute to classes easily. With more Manchester, NH students living at home, they save money by not being a campus resident but instead being a commuter student. There are many things to consider when your child decides to be a commuter student. 

To discuss your child’s commuting to school’s impact on your auto insurance, call the experts at Associated American Insurance. 


There are many benefits to commuting to college classes. Below are some of those pros your family may experience if your child decides to live at home while going to college. 

  • Save on Room and Board: College room and board average a little more than $10,000, depending upon the college. Commuting to college saves this money for other expenses. 
  • Freedom: Some colleges do not allow students (at least freshmen) to have a car on campus. Being a commuter student ensures your child has access to a vehicle and the freedom to go where they want. 
  • Family Support: Some children like their family support and can benefit from living at home while attending college. 


Though staying at home and commuting to college have many benefits, there are some disadvantages. Here are some of those cons some families experience when their child starts driving to college. 

  • Vehicle Wear and Tear: Commuting to college classes adds more wear and tear to the vehicle, costing more money for upkeep, repairs, and gas. 
  • Campus Life: Though commuter students can quickly drive back to campus for events and activities, there is a chance some of these things are missed by not living on campus. 
  • Traffic: Commuting to school from home means there is a chance of hitting traffic.

Deciding to commute to college in Manchester, NH is a significant decision you and your child need to make together. First, discuss the options with your child, and then give us a call at Associated American Insurance to ensure your child is fully covered during their ride to school.