Do I need to carry condo insurance in New Hampshire

Manchester, NH is a great place to call home. It is one of the most liveable cities in the state. Great restaurants, lots of entertainment opportunities, and an international airport make it a popular choice. Condos are an affordable option in a hot real estate market. If you have a mortgage you may be required to have a condo insurance policy by your lender. At Associated American Insurance we place our customers first and as an independent agency, we owe our allegiance to you. 

The question "Do I need to carry condo insurance?" is simply answered is yes. Like home insurance, condo insurance offers too many valuable protections to pass up. Your condo association has a master policy that covers the exterior of your unit. How far into the unit it covers varies so it is important to read and understand what coverage it provides. 

While the association insurance covers your roof and exterior walls, it doesn’t cover your personal property, that is your responsibility. Consider all the things that make your condo comfortable, your appliances, electronics, furniture, decor, and your clothes. If your unit was damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, you would be on your own to replace everything. not something most people can do easily.

Condo insurance includes liability insurance. We live in a sue-happy society and if someone is injured while visiting your home, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a legal judgment. Liability is a necessity to protect you and your assets. 

If your condo is damaged you should have loss-of-use insurance with your condo policy which will help you to afford a place to stay while your home is uninhabitable. 

Condo insurance offers lots of valuable protection and if you are interested in learning more about it. give us a call or stop by at Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH for a no-obligation quote.