Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Is it mandatory to have boat insurance in Manchester, NH? The simple answer is no!

Is it necessary to have boat insurance? Associated American Insurance believes every boat owner should protect their investment with insurance coverage.

Why do you need boat insurance? As we shall demonstrate in this short article, having boat insurance coverage works to protect you, your personal belongings, and third parties. You do not want a scenario where you’re liable for an accident and have to pay the costs from your pocket.

What is Boat Insurance?

Every boat owner wants to be safe while boating. To make it happen, boaters implement different safety measures. Unfortunately, even for the best boaters, accidents are unavoidable. There’s always that one mishap that ends up ruining everything for you.

You need boat insurance to protect yourself financially for any injuries and damages that may occur while boating. You can go further and purchase additional protection such as uninsured/underinsured.

How Does It Work?

If you have car insurance and understand how it works, you already know a lot about boat insurance. If you cause an accident, your insurer will pay for the cost of the damage up to your coverage limit.

Important: There’s a common misconception that boat insurance is included under home insurance. This is not factual. Yes, home insurance can insure a small boat stored in your backyard, but that’s all. Don’t expect the same if you own a powerboat.

Purchase Boat Insurance Today

At this point, every boater can see that having boat insurance is important. It will protect you when it matters most. You won’t have to suffer financial loss because an accident happened, and you’re held liable.

If you would like to enjoy stress-boating in Manchester, NH, we’re here to help you. Associated American Insurance has extensive knowledge of boat insurance and is ready to help you. Call us today for more information.