Tips for making your home a safer place

Safety in your home is a top priority. It doesn’t matter whether you are a young family or a senior, making your home a safe place to live requires you to take a few important steps. At Associated American insurance in Manchester, NH, we understand true safety begins with having the right home insurance policy and an agent who places your interests first. 

The right lighting  

Lighting plays an important part in home safety. On the exterior of your house, having motion sensor lights will let you know when someone or something has entered the boundaries of your home. Inside the house, it is important to have night lights that keep you and all the members of the family from tripping and falling in the dark. 

Door and window locks

You would be surprised to discover how often doors and windows are left unlocked. It seems like simple logic that they should be locked both to keep those inside who should remain there and to keep intruders out. 

Home security system

These days there are lots of options for home security systems. You can get one you install yourself and these often include cameras, or you can get one that is monitored. Either way, it should be armed to protect you and your family. 

Smoke detectors

One of the most important safety features you can add to your home is smoke detectors. Replacing the batteries should be a part of your fall and spring home clean-up. If you have a furnace, a carbon monoxide detector is also a must. 

Remove clutter

Clutter is a hazard, it is a trip hazard, and it is a fire hazard. 

Get your chimney and furnace cleaned

Chimneys and a furnace can be a fire hazard if they have not been maintained and cleaned yearly.  Make it a fall or spring routine as part of your normal seasonal cleaning. 

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Buying A Vehicle? Here Is What You Need To Know About Auto Insurance

After endless online searches and dealership visits, you have now narrowed on the car of choice, and the only thing on your mind is our fast you can hit the road. However, amid the excitement, don’t forget about auto insurance. 

If you are new in the insurance world, it can be challenging to pick the right coverage and one that provides you with optimal coverage. The good news is that Associated American Insurance is here to delve into the ins and outs of auto insurance. In light of this, here is what you need to know when shopping for auto insurance.

Auto insurance isn’t mandatory in New Hampshire

Unlike many states, NH doesn’t require drivers to carry auto insurance. However, drivers must pay for property damage, medical expenses, and other liabilities when involved in an accident. That said, whether required by law or not, carrying auto insurance is one of the best investment decisions you will make.

There are several auto insurance options

Manchester, NH drivers face several risks whether driving on the streets or having their car parked in the driveway or garage. As such, you need to consider various auto insurance coverages that you can add to your home insurance. These are:

  • Property damage coverage to protect you against damages caused to third-party properties.
  • Bodily injury coverage to pay for medical expenses for injuries sustained by others in an accident in which you are at fault. 
  • Roadside assistance to bail you when your vehicle is disabled on the roads. 
  • Comprehensive and collision coverages to protect your vehicle against accidents and perils like theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, and other risks stated in your policy.
  • Medical payments to cover medical expenses and funeral expenses for you or your passengers when involved in an accident.

Your driving record affects your auto insurance rate

Car insurance doesn’t come cheap, and if you are a careless, inattentive, and aggressive driver, it doesn’t get better. While insurance companies look at other factors like age, gender, occupation, location, and car model when computing insurance rates, your driving history has a say in the computation. To that end, become a responsible driver on the roads, and the car insurance premium will be gentle on your wallet.

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Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Is it mandatory to have boat insurance in Manchester, NH? The simple answer is no!

Is it necessary to have boat insurance? Associated American Insurance believes every boat owner should protect their investment with insurance coverage.

Why do you need boat insurance? As we shall demonstrate in this short article, having boat insurance coverage works to protect you, your personal belongings, and third parties. You do not want a scenario where you’re liable for an accident and have to pay the costs from your pocket.

What is Boat Insurance?

Every boat owner wants to be safe while boating. To make it happen, boaters implement different safety measures. Unfortunately, even for the best boaters, accidents are unavoidable. There’s always that one mishap that ends up ruining everything for you.

You need boat insurance to protect yourself financially for any injuries and damages that may occur while boating. You can go further and purchase additional protection such as uninsured/underinsured.

How Does It Work?

If you have car insurance and understand how it works, you already know a lot about boat insurance. If you cause an accident, your insurer will pay for the cost of the damage up to your coverage limit.

Important: There’s a common misconception that boat insurance is included under home insurance. This is not factual. Yes, home insurance can insure a small boat stored in your backyard, but that’s all. Don’t expect the same if you own a powerboat.

Purchase Boat Insurance Today

At this point, every boater can see that having boat insurance is important. It will protect you when it matters most. You won’t have to suffer financial loss because an accident happened, and you’re held liable.

If you would like to enjoy stress-boating in Manchester, NH, we’re here to help you. Associated American Insurance has extensive knowledge of boat insurance and is ready to help you. Call us today for more information.

Buying a bike? Here’s what you need to know about motorcycle insurance

Owning a motorcycle is an exciting prospect for many people in the Manchester, NH area. If buying a bike is a move that you are considering, talk to Associated American Insurance today. We can give you the information you need to determine which policy is most appropriate for your needs. 

Motorcycle Insurance Overview for NH Residents

New Hampshire does not require motorcycle insurance, however, it is strongly recommended that all motorcycle owners and operators carry at least a basic motorcycle policy. Whether you choose a basic collision policy or opt for comprehensive coverage, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your bike, your passengers, and yourself are covered. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Collision Insurance – this is what you can consider a basic policy. It will cover damages to your bike in the event of a covered incident, such as an accident. Typically, such a policy covers few damages, with the policyholder picking up any excess damages. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage – as the name suggests, this type of motorcycle insurance is broader and offers more substantial protection. If you want to have coverage for medical expenses, theft, or damage to your vehicle, as well as property damage coverage, ask your agent about the comprehensive coverage options that are available. 

It is important to note that anyone in New Hampshire required to file an SR-22 will have to carry minimum levels of motorcycle insurance. This type of filing will occur if you receive a DUI, accidents, or excess traffic violations. 

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Who should have umbrella insurance

A lot of myths about umbrella insurance are out there. You may not know precisely what it is and why it is something you should consider. One myth is only the wealthy need to have umbrella insurance and nothing could be farther from the truth. The reality is if you own anything, you are vulnerable to being sued. At Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH we represent you, not an insurance company. As independent agents, we can offer you choices when it some to carriers and policies. 

Umbrella insurance is a type of excess liability insurance. It is a policy that adds an additional layer of liability protection to a policy you already have. You can’t just purchase an umbrella policy unless you already have a policy with liability coverage. If you are involved in legal action against you, and you lose, your umbrella insurance coverage will kick in when the limit of your policy has been reached. This can be a home policy, a commercial policy, renters, condo, motorcycle, or boat policy. Any insurance that has liability coverage can benefit from the additional layer. 

You may not think you have much to protect and the liability coverage you have is adequate. If you haven’t check what your liability coverage is in a while, it is time to look at it. You might also want to check what the average judgment is where you live. It may come s a shock. 

When it comes to umbrella insurance, it is misunderstood by many. Don’t be one of them. At Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH, we can sit down with you and discuss if you would benefit from having umbrella insurance. Our team is experienced in this and a variety of coverages you may have questions about. Give us a call or stop by our office. 

When do you need auto insurance in New Hampshire?

The Manchester, NH area is a great place for anyone to work or live in. Those that are in this area of New Hampshire will be much more efficient if they own a car. When you are a car owner here, it is very important that you get proper insurance for it. There are a couple of reasons that car owners here need to get proper insurance for it.

Insurance Protects Vehicle

The main reason that people here do need to get insurance for their car is that it can protect their assets. Buying a car is a big purchase and the asset is something you will rely on for a long time. Due to this, you should try to protect it as well as possible. When you get a full collision and comprehensive policy, it will give you protection to offset the risks of damage and theft. 

Insurance is a Requirement

You will also need insurance as it can be a requirement. Those that want to drive a car in this state will be required to at least carry a minimum level of liability insurance. This insurance coverage gives assurances that you will be able to pay for any accidental damage you may cause. If you do not have the protection, you could be penalized. 

There continue to be many reasons to get auto insurance when you are in the Manchester, NH area. If you are in the market for a new policy here, you should call the team at Associated American Insurance. When you speak with the team at Associated American Insurance you can learn a lot more about the different insurance options that you have. They can then give you the support needed to choose a new policy that meets all of your needs. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Your Personal Belongings?

Home insurance is extremely important because it protects homeowners from the possibility of financial loss.  If you are currently shopping for home insurance, you may have questions about what exactly your home insurance covers – including whether it covers your personal belongings. Associated American Insurance serving Manchester, NH will explain how this type of insurance works and how it covers personal items. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Personal Belongings

Yes, it does cover personal belongings, including furniture, electronics, clothes, and other contents of your home. That means that your insurance will pay to replace the items that were destroyed or stolen. 

What Types of Losses Does Home Insurance Cover?

Most home insurance policies cover such losses as fire, burglary, and others. You will need to talk to your insurance agent to know what exactly is covered. 

What Is Not Covered By Home Insurance?

Certain losses are not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. They are: 

  • Earthquakes. If your home is located in an area that is prone to earthquakes, you will have to purchase a separate earthquake insurance policy to protect your belongings. 
  • Flooding. If you want to protect your home and personal stuff against flooding, you need to get a special flood insurance policy – either from a private insurance company or National Flood Insurance Program. 

It is also important to know that home insurance has its limits and therefore it does not cover really expensive and valuable items. Therefore, if you have antiques, expensive jewelry, or any other lavish personal belongings, you should consider getting a special policy for all this stuff. 

If you are thinking of getting home insurance and you are looking for a trustworthy agency, Associated American Insurance serving Manchester, NH is ready to assist you.  Do not hesitate to contact us and talk to one of our insurance agents, who will provide all the information you need.  

Do I need to carry condo insurance in New Hampshire

Manchester, NH is a great place to call home. It is one of the most liveable cities in the state. Great restaurants, lots of entertainment opportunities, and an international airport make it a popular choice. Condos are an affordable option in a hot real estate market. If you have a mortgage you may be required to have a condo insurance policy by your lender. At Associated American Insurance we place our customers first and as an independent agency, we owe our allegiance to you. 

The question "Do I need to carry condo insurance?" is simply answered is yes. Like home insurance, condo insurance offers too many valuable protections to pass up. Your condo association has a master policy that covers the exterior of your unit. How far into the unit it covers varies so it is important to read and understand what coverage it provides. 

While the association insurance covers your roof and exterior walls, it doesn’t cover your personal property, that is your responsibility. Consider all the things that make your condo comfortable, your appliances, electronics, furniture, decor, and your clothes. If your unit was damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, you would be on your own to replace everything. not something most people can do easily.

Condo insurance includes liability insurance. We live in a sue-happy society and if someone is injured while visiting your home, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a legal judgment. Liability is a necessity to protect you and your assets. 

If your condo is damaged you should have loss-of-use insurance with your condo policy which will help you to afford a place to stay while your home is uninhabitable. 

Condo insurance offers lots of valuable protection and if you are interested in learning more about it. give us a call or stop by at Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH for a no-obligation quote. 

Common Myths About Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the most important investments you can make to protect your home, yourself, and your belongings. Unfortunately, there are many myths about home insurance that do not allow you sometimes to make an informed decision and pick the right policy. Associated American Insurance serving Manchester, NH, and surrounding areas has prepared the list of most common myths that you should know:

Flood damage is covered by a standard home insurance policy

In fact, home insurance does not cover damages caused by a flood.  Therefore, in order to protect your home from floods, you have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. 

I do not need to waste my time by making an inventory list

An inventory list is extremely important because it is proof of your ownership. When you file a claim, you will be asked to provide a list of items that were lost or damaged. Therefore, to make sure you do not forget anything, having an inventory list is a good idea. 

Home insurance covers all valuable items, including jewelry and antiques

A standard home insurance policy has limited coverage on valuable items. If you have really expensive possessions, it is worth getting additional coverage for them.

The premium increases every time when I file a claim

A single claim will not increase the premium. However, the premium may go up if you file multiple claims. Therefore, it is recommended to estimate the cost of repairs first before filing a claim and decide whether it is more reasonable to pay for the repairs yourself. 

Now you know more about home insurance, which will help you make the right decision and pick a home insurance policy that you really need. If you still have questions about insuring your home, experienced insurance agents from Associated American Insurance serving Manchester, NH and surrounding areas are always ready to assist. All you need to do is to visit our website or give us a call. 

When is auto insurance required for someone in New Hampshire?

For a lot of people, owning a car in the Manchester, NH area is practical necessity. If you are a car owner here, you do need to make sure that you get the insurance you need. There are a variety of situations when having auto insurance will be required for someone in this area.

When Driving on a Public Road

If you are going to get a car and drive it on a public road in New Hampshire, you need to make sure that you have the right auto insurance. An auto insurance policy is going to be required to ensure you have the ability to pay for damages that you could cause in an accident when driving. 

When Taking out an Auto Loan

Many people that purchase a car are also going to take out a loan. If you do take out a loan, you need to review the section of your loan agreement that discusses your auto insurance requirements. In most situations, you are going to need to have a full auto insurance policy that provides you with both collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. The lender may also require that you have a reasonably low deductible. 

There are a lot of situations when someone in the Manchester, NH area will need to get auto insurance. When you need to get a new policy, it is important that you spend time thinking about your needs and choosing a policy that is right for your situation. The team at Associated American Insurance can be a great resource when you are looking for a new insurance policy. When you call Associated American Insurance, you can receive a lot of support and guidance that is needed to pick a new policy that is right for your situation.