Protect your boat and your passengers with boat insurance

Owning a boat can make your life a lot more enjoyable! And the folks at Associated American Insurance are here to make sure that the residents of Manchester, NH and the surrounding area have the boat insurance they need. There are a lot of different options available, and it’s our privilege to help you choose the one that is right for you.

Let’s talk about boat insurance!

Insuring your boat means different things to different people. There are basic policies available that provide the coverage you need in a catastrophic event. There are also policies available that are much more comprehensive and include benefits like:

  • Medical coverage for yourself, your passengers, and others who may be injured in an accident.
  • Protection from theft, vandalism, and accidents.
  • Coverage for when your boat is in storage or in transit from storage to the water. 

If you have a policy that you aren’t sure meets your needs, our team is happy to review it with you. We want you to have the right coverage that protects your boat, you, and your passengers from unforeseen accidents that can occur both in and out of the water. Our team of professionals is here to help you determine the coverage you need and help you find the policy that meets those needs.

Want to find out more?

If you want to learn more about the available options when it comes to boat insurance, Associated American Insurance can help. Call or stop by our Manchester, NH office today to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents. You’ll be glad you did!

What Are the Types of Motorcycle Insurance?

If you own a motorcycle, you should have motorcycle insurance – it is proper protection of your on the road, as well as the motorcycle itself and motorcycle gear. It covers replacements, repairs, and medical bills for anyone who is injured in a road accident. Here is a list of six different types of motorcycle insurance.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance 

  • Comprehensive insurance. It covers a motorcycle if it is damaged or lost due to theft, vandalism, fire, hair, or any other covered incident. 
  • Collision insurance. It covers repairs or replacement of your bike if you hit another vehicle or object. 
  • Liability insurance. It includes property and bodily injury damage in case of a road accident. It covers you in the event you cause an accident and pays for repair costs, past and future medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle replacement, and pain and suffering. 
  • Underinsured and uninsured coverage. It provides financial compensation if you crash with someone who does not carry any insurance or whose insurance is not enough for covering all damages. 
  • Guest passenger coverage. It includes bodily injury coverage for your passenger if you are involved in a crash. This insurance type also covers some legal expenses, if you are sued by your passengers. 
  • Customized motorcycle parts coverage. It is special coverage for items added or customized to the motorcycle. Since these items are usually expensive to insure, your standard motorcycle insurance may not have coverage for them, but you can ask an insurance agent to add it. 

Associated American Insurance serving Manchester NH – We Help You Find Insurance You Need and Deserve

If you want to feel safe on the road and know you are protected, getting motorcycle insurance is a good idea. If you live in Manchester, NH or any other nearby town, and you are looking for a trustworthy insurance agency to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy, contact Associated American Insurance. Our experienced insurance agents will answer all your questions and find you a perfect insurance policy. 

With what policies can you purchase umbrella insurance?

With what policies can you purchase umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a secondary policy, meaning you can only purchase it after you purchased the main policy, such as home or renters’ insurance. This secondary insurance adds to your liability coverage. Associated American Insurance serving Manchester, NH offers this useful insurance that can help protect you from large-scale financial loss.

Policies That Can Add Umbrella

You can only add umbrella coverage to primary insurance that includes liability coverage. Those policies include:

  • Home,
  • Commercial,
  • Auto,
  • Motorcycle,
  • RV,
  • Renters.

You can’t add it to health, life, accidental death, and dismemberment, or other such types of insurance.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

When you file a claim on your primary insurance, it may exhaust your liability coverage on that policy. Umbrella takes up the slack.

For example, your mother-in-law falls down the steps at your home. She breaks her leg and needs to go to the hospital. Your liability insurance coverage in your home insurance may cover a small portion of the cost. You might have $100,000 of liability coverage.

Your elderly mother-in-law cannot live by herself with a broken leg, so she needs to temporarily stay in an assisted living center. She also has to go through physical therapy after the cast comes off. This lets her re-strengthen her leg and practice walking. This rehab costs a pretty penny. Your liability coverage on your home covered a lot of the expenses, but unless you have umbrella insurance, you must pay the rest out of pocket.

If you have umbrella insurance, this policy kicks in when the main or primary policy’s liability component has been exhausted. So, when the primary liability insurance pays out, the umbrella policy takes over. It pays for the rest of the costs.

You can add an umbrella policy to any primary policy with just a phone call. Contact Associated American Insurance serving Manchester, NH today to further protect your finances.

Pros and Cons of Commuting to College

More and more students are choosing to attend college near home to commute to classes easily. With more Manchester, NH students living at home, they save money by not being a campus resident but instead being a commuter student. There are many things to consider when your child decides to be a commuter student. 

To discuss your child’s commuting to school’s impact on your auto insurance, call the experts at Associated American Insurance. 


There are many benefits to commuting to college classes. Below are some of those pros your family may experience if your child decides to live at home while going to college. 

  • Save on Room and Board: College room and board average a little more than $10,000, depending upon the college. Commuting to college saves this money for other expenses. 
  • Freedom: Some colleges do not allow students (at least freshmen) to have a car on campus. Being a commuter student ensures your child has access to a vehicle and the freedom to go where they want. 
  • Family Support: Some children like their family support and can benefit from living at home while attending college. 


Though staying at home and commuting to college have many benefits, there are some disadvantages. Here are some of those cons some families experience when their child starts driving to college. 

  • Vehicle Wear and Tear: Commuting to college classes adds more wear and tear to the vehicle, costing more money for upkeep, repairs, and gas. 
  • Campus Life: Though commuter students can quickly drive back to campus for events and activities, there is a chance some of these things are missed by not living on campus. 
  • Traffic: Commuting to school from home means there is a chance of hitting traffic.

Deciding to commute to college in Manchester, NH is a significant decision you and your child need to make together. First, discuss the options with your child, and then give us a call at Associated American Insurance to ensure your child is fully covered during their ride to school. 

Understanding Home Insurance

The best way to make informed insurance purchasing decisions is to have access to quality insurance information. At Associated American Insurance, serving Manchester NH you can depend on us to guide you every step of the way when considering insurance products. Keep reading to learn more about home insurance and how you can make the best home insurance choices. 

Why Is Home Insurance Important?

Home insurance protects the investment you have made into your home. In many cases, a home will be one of your most important investments. Beyond the financial aspect of your home, there is also the sentimental value. You want to be sure you always have the resources to provide a safe, secure home for your family. Home insurance helps you to accomplish this. 

How Much Insurance Do I Need?

Home insurance policies are just as unique as the families they help protect. Each property will have a unique value based on its location, improvements that have been made to the property, and other factors as well.

Each family will also bring to the property unique assets which will also need protection. Home insurance is not a one size fits all insurance product. The best way to determine how much insurance coverage you will need is to sit down with an insurance representative. They will be able to professionally evaluate your property value and the value of other assets which will remain on the property. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at Associated American Insurance, serving Manchester, NH. We will be happy to answer your insurance questions and help you choose the best insurance products for you and your family. 

How Condo Insurance Works

If you own a condo, it’s important for you to cover it right away with a condo insurance policy. These policies offer you several different types of protection, and you shouldn’t be without one. If you need this coverage, call us right away at Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH to talk with an agent.

Damage to Your Condo

One of the main types of coverage that you get with a condo policy is protection in case of major damage to the condo itself. This works very differently from home insurance, as it does not cover the outside of the building. When there is a condo board that owns the outside portions of the building, they are responsible for providing insurance for those areas. 

Damage to Your Possessions

When something happens that damages a good number of your possessions, your condo insurance policy is there to help. Whether it’s a disaster, an accident or a calamity of some kind, your condo policy is there to help to pay for them to be replaced and/or repaired. With this type of coverage, you don’t have to start all over again after a terrible incident. 

Accidents and Illnesses

If someone comes to your home and gets sick or has an accident there, it may be up to you to pay for their resulting medical bills. Your condo insurance policy contains liability coverage so that your policy can pay for those medical bills if you are judged to be at fault for the incident. 

Condo Insurance Policies

It’s important to have a condo policy in place from the time you buy your condo. If you need a condo policy, contact us at Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH to talk about your condo insurance needs. 

Tips for making your home a safer place

Safety in your home is a top priority. It doesn’t matter whether you are a young family or a senior, making your home a safe place to live requires you to take a few important steps. At Associated American insurance in Manchester, NH, we understand true safety begins with having the right home insurance policy and an agent who places your interests first. 

The right lighting  

Lighting plays an important part in home safety. On the exterior of your house, having motion sensor lights will let you know when someone or something has entered the boundaries of your home. Inside the house, it is important to have night lights that keep you and all the members of the family from tripping and falling in the dark. 

Door and window locks

You would be surprised to discover how often doors and windows are left unlocked. It seems like simple logic that they should be locked both to keep those inside who should remain there and to keep intruders out. 

Home security system

These days there are lots of options for home security systems. You can get one you install yourself and these often include cameras, or you can get one that is monitored. Either way, it should be armed to protect you and your family. 

Smoke detectors

One of the most important safety features you can add to your home is smoke detectors. Replacing the batteries should be a part of your fall and spring home clean-up. If you have a furnace, a carbon monoxide detector is also a must. 

Remove clutter

Clutter is a hazard, it is a trip hazard, and it is a fire hazard. 

Get your chimney and furnace cleaned

Chimneys and a furnace can be a fire hazard if they have not been maintained and cleaned yearly.  Make it a fall or spring routine as part of your normal seasonal cleaning. 

Contact Associated American Insurance in Manchester, NH for all your insurance needs. 

Buying A Vehicle? Here Is What You Need To Know About Auto Insurance

After endless online searches and dealership visits, you have now narrowed on the car of choice, and the only thing on your mind is our fast you can hit the road. However, amid the excitement, don’t forget about auto insurance. 

If you are new in the insurance world, it can be challenging to pick the right coverage and one that provides you with optimal coverage. The good news is that Associated American Insurance is here to delve into the ins and outs of auto insurance. In light of this, here is what you need to know when shopping for auto insurance.

Auto insurance isn’t mandatory in New Hampshire

Unlike many states, NH doesn’t require drivers to carry auto insurance. However, drivers must pay for property damage, medical expenses, and other liabilities when involved in an accident. That said, whether required by law or not, carrying auto insurance is one of the best investment decisions you will make.

There are several auto insurance options

Manchester, NH drivers face several risks whether driving on the streets or having their car parked in the driveway or garage. As such, you need to consider various auto insurance coverages that you can add to your home insurance. These are:

  • Property damage coverage to protect you against damages caused to third-party properties.
  • Bodily injury coverage to pay for medical expenses for injuries sustained by others in an accident in which you are at fault. 
  • Roadside assistance to bail you when your vehicle is disabled on the roads. 
  • Comprehensive and collision coverages to protect your vehicle against accidents and perils like theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, and other risks stated in your policy.
  • Medical payments to cover medical expenses and funeral expenses for you or your passengers when involved in an accident.

Your driving record affects your auto insurance rate

Car insurance doesn’t come cheap, and if you are a careless, inattentive, and aggressive driver, it doesn’t get better. While insurance companies look at other factors like age, gender, occupation, location, and car model when computing insurance rates, your driving history has a say in the computation. To that end, become a responsible driver on the roads, and the car insurance premium will be gentle on your wallet.

Do you need more information on auto insurance? Talk with Associated American Insurance located in Manchester, NH. Our passionate team will be more than happy to help you. 

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Is it mandatory to have boat insurance in Manchester, NH? The simple answer is no!

Is it necessary to have boat insurance? Associated American Insurance believes every boat owner should protect their investment with insurance coverage.

Why do you need boat insurance? As we shall demonstrate in this short article, having boat insurance coverage works to protect you, your personal belongings, and third parties. You do not want a scenario where you’re liable for an accident and have to pay the costs from your pocket.

What is Boat Insurance?

Every boat owner wants to be safe while boating. To make it happen, boaters implement different safety measures. Unfortunately, even for the best boaters, accidents are unavoidable. There’s always that one mishap that ends up ruining everything for you.

You need boat insurance to protect yourself financially for any injuries and damages that may occur while boating. You can go further and purchase additional protection such as uninsured/underinsured.

How Does It Work?

If you have car insurance and understand how it works, you already know a lot about boat insurance. If you cause an accident, your insurer will pay for the cost of the damage up to your coverage limit.

Important: There’s a common misconception that boat insurance is included under home insurance. This is not factual. Yes, home insurance can insure a small boat stored in your backyard, but that’s all. Don’t expect the same if you own a powerboat.

Purchase Boat Insurance Today

At this point, every boater can see that having boat insurance is important. It will protect you when it matters most. You won’t have to suffer financial loss because an accident happened, and you’re held liable.

If you would like to enjoy stress-boating in Manchester, NH, we’re here to help you. Associated American Insurance has extensive knowledge of boat insurance and is ready to help you. Call us today for more information.

Buying a bike? Here’s what you need to know about motorcycle insurance

Owning a motorcycle is an exciting prospect for many people in the Manchester, NH area. If buying a bike is a move that you are considering, talk to Associated American Insurance today. We can give you the information you need to determine which policy is most appropriate for your needs. 

Motorcycle Insurance Overview for NH Residents

New Hampshire does not require motorcycle insurance, however, it is strongly recommended that all motorcycle owners and operators carry at least a basic motorcycle policy. Whether you choose a basic collision policy or opt for comprehensive coverage, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your bike, your passengers, and yourself are covered. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Collision Insurance – this is what you can consider a basic policy. It will cover damages to your bike in the event of a covered incident, such as an accident. Typically, such a policy covers few damages, with the policyholder picking up any excess damages. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage – as the name suggests, this type of motorcycle insurance is broader and offers more substantial protection. If you want to have coverage for medical expenses, theft, or damage to your vehicle, as well as property damage coverage, ask your agent about the comprehensive coverage options that are available. 

It is important to note that anyone in New Hampshire required to file an SR-22 will have to carry minimum levels of motorcycle insurance. This type of filing will occur if you receive a DUI, accidents, or excess traffic violations. 

Contact Associated American Insurance today to learn more

Manchester, NH residents who are considering buying a bike can find out all about the insurance policy options available by calling or stopping by our office today!